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Property Management

The Homes of America family care about what happens to you after purchase and will stay with you. We don’t just sell you a house and walk away. We offer an exclusive after sales service to our clients and hold our doors open to you for life. We have been managing homes since 1998 and we are very proud of our long standing reputation. Our Homes of America management family team will step in to take care of your home. To cover just some of the advantages this gives you, this will include:

  • Your home is personally prepared by a manager, not staff, on every arrival and every departure is checked by a manager.

  • The arrival checks on your home are done in observance of a 72 point checklist of things that have to be checked and done before an arrival can come in your home.

  • You will be provided with photos of your home from the arrival check so that you can see that a manager has been there, checked the home and how they have prepared the home on your behalf. Equally, upon departure, the manager will provide you with photos of any damage to the property and where this is a Homes of America rentals booking, we will claim the cost of the damage from the security deposit payment that we took from the guest before allowing them into your home.

  • You will never see a charge on your monthly invoice that you are not aware of and we have complete transparency in charges. Your monthly invoice and statement also will list the income received from any Homes of America rentals that you choose to receive.

  • Our aim is to ensure that where you rent your home, when you return to your home for your own personal use, that you do not feel like anyone else has stayed there and that it still feels like your home.

  • We limit the amount of access to your home by third parties so as to ensure your home’s security and we are proud of the licensed contractors we work with and have used over our 22 years and our ability to trust them with your home.

  • If you already own a home and are not achieving rentals, we will advise on low-cost high effective refurb of your home to help turn it around. We source the best pricing without jeopardizing the quality.

When buying your home through Homes of America, you will naturally be offered a FREE place within our property management….. we currently need more rental homes to satisfy demand. We ask owners how many bookings they want…. every homeowner is different and we work with each one individually. We provide a mutual website calendar with personal passwords to enter bookings. This gives owners opportunity to make the most money from their investment but still have control. Our family rental team are always at hand for you to talk to. We are recognized for our high standards by many large travel agencies and booking companies. With good advice, even though figures largely depend on which house you choose and where, your rental return CAN cover all your costs and your home can be self-financing. We will show you how we are doing this. 

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