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Who are you dealing with?

In Florida, you pick a realtor and work with just one realtor as opposed to other countries where you might buy the listing from the real estate office listing it. That realtor should then be able to show you any listing, new or resale, in their area and then represents you and your interests in any purchase or sale. You therefore have to make a good pick with your realtor to ensure that you are properly represented. So just who are you dealing with at Homes of America Realty?

Howard has been a Broker in Florida for over 22 years now and has built up a wealth of experience when it comes to buying a home in Florida. In fact, our buyers have yet to find a question on Florida homes that Howard does not know the answer to! Howard regularly writes articles for publications and talks on the subject of how to safely buy or sell a home in Florida. Known for his wit and entertaining take on life, buying a home using Howard is far from boring!

Before moving to Florida, Howard was for many years a Chief Engineer in the UK. This trade has served him well in walking homes and spotting issues in the homes ahead of time for our clients. For example, he recently walked a home for a buyer and was able to identify that there was a pool issue that needed attention before the buyer bought the home. He was right! We were able to flag this with the seller and they fixed it at their cost prior to closing, saving the buyer thousands of dollars and upset after closing.

To find out more about Howard and how he could help you buy or sell a home in Florida, property manage a home, rentals and bookings, move over to Florida or buy a business here, email Zoe on for further details.

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