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Where is Kissimmee?

You may have read, in my last two blogs, about stripping down the big postal areas of Davenport and Clermont to know exactly where to look for your best chance of being successful with buying your rental home here in Florida. Now we are going to do the last city for rentals and that’s Kissimmee.

Most people know the US192 which runs west to east right under Disney being a very good traffic feed road into Disney. North of the US192 is Orlando which does not allow short term rentals in a detached villa with a pool but south of the US192 is all Kissimmee where the majority of homes can be rented out. However, Kissimmee rentals are on a 25 miles long stretch from the HWY 27. We need to narrow this down some by keeping the search in the first 15 miles known as West Kissimmee. To be more specific, the top and right of zip code 34747, the top of 34746 and the extreme left of 34741. In other words, everything to the left of Medieval Times on the US192 around Mile marker 15. If you are ever unsure, just remember that you can contact me and I will help show you the areas to buy in.

Next time on the blog I will be doing an exciting video of watching Florida paint dry…….only kidding! See you next time. Howard

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