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Where is Davenport?

For many years there has been a confusion that I hope to clear up.

Interested buyers in Florida are told, read or hear that Davenport is a good place to buy a short term rental investment home. In essence, that is absolutely correct but this is where the confusion starts as people then start to search for homes for sale in Davenport. Davenport has a huge postal area that covers 97 square mile. The town of Davenport is, as the crow flies, (there must be other birds that fly straight to?!) 18 miles with a driving time of 35/40 from Disney which is far too far for a top performing rental villa. When looking in Davenport, you have to be at the northern border in approximately 33 square miles and that’s where it is within 20 mins drive from Disney. It's better to search by the Davenport zip codes of 33896 and the top half of 33897. Still confused?!! Its OK, so am I!!

Watch out for my view on Clermont and Kissimmee in the future. If you can’t wait due to the suspense then email in and ask. "See ya real soon” Howard  

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