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Where is Clermont?

Hi Folks! 

Howard here with continuing the confusion rental area search names. If you fall asleep reading this, then you are excused.... as I fell asleep writing it too!! Last time on the blog I covered Davenport and now it’s the turn of Clermont in Lake County. Clermont is a lovely area to the left of Disney that is hilly, yes hilly with lots of lakes. The rental area is actually a 30 minutes drive south from the city of Clermont by the end of the US192. The allowable area for short term rentals for holiday or vacation rentals is surprisingly only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide due west of Disney. From here, you are likely to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks! For more fireworks, then just come to my house when I'm late for dinner!!! When searching for Clermont homes, don’t use the city name or its zip code of 34711. Just use 34714 and remember that not all communities allow short term rental so I'm the Broker so just ask me, at no cost, to send you the homes that are good and rentable.  OK... it's all over now so it's OK to wake up and I will be back soon!  Have a good day now!

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