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Mortgage Rates

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

A common question we have received from a number of buyers recently is whether they can also benefit from the all time low mortgage interest rates in the USA.

Mortgage interest rates are at all time low in the USA but those rates only apply to domestic borrowers. Subject to credit score, a US citizen would expect to achieve an interest rate of around 3.25% for a 30 year mortgage on his or her primary residence and around 3.75% for a 30 year mortgage on a second/vacation home.

Interest rates for foreign national borrowers, ie those borrowers who are not from the USA, have remained constant. Most foreign national borrowers are not able to demonstrate any US credit score nor verify any US income. As such, interest rates for foreign national borrowers remain around 6% for a 30 year mortgage with a 40% deposit. Increasing your deposit can reduce the interest rate. Also, there is the option of paying a one-time fee at closing to secure a better interest rate.

Our in-house mortgage adviser can answer all questions and provide mortgage estimates for any situation.

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