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Howard the Broker here

Home sale trend since the Pandemic As a real estate broker, I was looking back over the central Florida home buying market from March 1st to date, as I felt there had been so much activity over the $200k to $400k price band, which is the typical sweet spot for international buyers and US folks looking to relocate.  These are the report facts I came up with. In the rental area around Disney, 586 homes have sold since March 1st 2020 in that $200k to $400k range. This is what amazed me that of the 586, there were only 15% that bought with cash and the other 85% used a mortgage, whereas in pre COVID19 the percentage for cash buyers would have been higher at about 28%.

Looking at just the Kissimmee area on the homes sold since July 1st 2020, and OK I may be easily amazed, but here is why I was! There were 120 homes sold regardless of price but 93 of the 120 sold between that magic $200k to $400k, 57 homes sold under 30 days and 22 homes sold under 60 days. All the above shows there is a healthy buoyant seller's market out here right now. 

I'll be back! Best wishes from Howard

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