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Go long! ...Tapping into an increasingly popular market in central Florida...

Howard, the Broker here! You know it's funny to me when I write Broker as when I lived in England twenty years ago I was an Engineer and was a fixer of things and here in Florida I’m a Broker!! Like I said, it’s funny to me!!

If you are a pure investor and interested in Florida property to invest in to capitalize on the current market and cover your monthly outgoings, you may like to consider a property for long term renting as you would in your home country. Why? Because part of the market trend in Florida is for US citizens to relocate from the North. When they start their job in Florida they tend to rent a property for a year to get past the employers 3 month “trial” period and to allow them to get to know the area before they buy their very own home. 

We are getting more and more walk in customers looking for long terms let properties. You could take advantage of this walk in traffic we are collecting and invest in a property here in Florida which would cater for such a long term let. Long term lets tend to be 6-12 months at a time and governed by a tenancy agreement or lease. My best advice is to buy your long term home in short term area as then you always have the option to rent out your home on a short term let basis as well if needed or wanted.

You can attract $1200-$2000 per month on a long term let depending on the house you buy. This provides you with steady guaranteed income on your investment and helping you make your money work for you.

For further details on this, contact Howard on

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