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COVID-19 and viewing Florida properties; seeing through new eyes...and face masks!

A lot of our clients are asking us questions such as " Can you still view properties right now?" and "How can I view a property for sale and be safe?"

The COVID19 pandemic has transformed many of our otherwise normal and familiar routines; including the way that people buy and sell houses in Florida. Homes of America Realty has spent much time looking at standard procedures and reshaping the processes for viewing properties and interacting with our clients.

Our main office in Clermont, Florida is still open to the public although we have been careful to put in place CDC compliant social distancing requirements. When you enter our office today, you will see that we have created an open space at the front of the office which gives our visitors and clients peace of mind that they are not coming within 6 feet of another person in the office. The visitor is able to stand in our office and communicate with our team without feeling that they are too close to anyone or putting themselves at risk. We are ensuring that all surfaces that visitors come into contact with such as doors, handles and even the pens they may use whilst in the office are properly sanitized on a frequent basis. We have a large spacious conference room for our clients to talk with our realtors and team privately should they wish; with enough space in the conference room to allow them to maintain the 6 foot social distancing advisory.

We have continued to help buyers buy homes throughout the pandemic and have accommodated viewings of properties by travelling separately to the properties or meeting our clients at the property. Once at the property, we have ensured that we have worn the recommended face masks so that our clients do not feel uncomfortable moving around the same space as the realtor once in the home. We go equipped with hand sanitizer to each viewing too and offer this to our clients at the end of each viewing.

We have been able to offer "virtual showings" too which means that the realtor has attended alone at the property and then through either recorded video or live facetime/skype, etc, has been able to "show" the home to the client using a virtual medium thus allowing the client to stay within the safety of their home but still be able to "virtually" walk the home with the realtor. This is increasingly becoming a usual tool for our clients during these strange times and has helped some of our clients feel comfortable enough to submit an offer on a home. Remember it is a buyers market out there right now and many good deals to be had on a property here in Florida right now. 

We have continued to sell homes for our clients too during this time. In fact, Homes of America Realty is recorded as one of the top 5 real estate companies in this area for selling listings in the last four months which we are really pleased about as we put a lot of heart and hard work into selling homes for our clients. Most of our listings have been sold in days recently and many ending up in a bidding war and purchase prices agreed above listing price. We continue to offer a free valuation (Comparative Market Analysis) to any owner considering selling their home so that they can get a realistic view on how much their home would sell for currently.

For any questions about buying or selling a home, please reach out to Zoe on for further details.

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