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Have a chat with our Homes of America licensed Mortgage loan originator. Easy to talk to and low rates. Alternatively, you may wish to choose your own mortgage consultant but always check who you are working with and ask if they are licensed. If you are thinking of buying a home in Florida, it is sensible to be ‘pre-qualified’for a mortgage before you travel. Before any builder will start to build your home you will need a pre-qualification letter (ask us for one). Many listing agents will not allow you to view a resale home without a pre-qualification letter and so let us assist you with this. It is FREE OF CHARGE and it will assist you with knowing your true budget, payments etc and getting you in to view the homes you want to see. When you have chosen your home, it is then important that you have a ‘fees worksheet’ (good faith estimate ) drawn up disclosing pre-paid items and closing costs before you commit to buying a home in Florida. We can help you with this too. We want everything to be explained out to you in detail so that you understand and feel comfortable before committing yourself to the investment.

Domestic Mortgages

- Multiple options

- Competitive rates

- Quick closings

Foreign National Mortgages

- Down payments from 25% down

- Rates from 6.5%

- Customized programs

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