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At Homes of America Realty Group LLC, we are a fully licensed Real Estate Brokerage owned and operated by Howard who holds years of experience in Florida Real Estate. Howard and Janette’s daughter, Zoe, heads up the Rental Department and assists Howard in the Real Estate department. Howard and Janette’s second daughter, Kylie, heads up the Property Management department and Howard and Janette’s son-in-law, Ben is a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Loan originator.

Homes of America is a family business helping other families to buy and sell residential and vacation property/businesses and rent vacation villas in Florida since 1998. First established in the U.K. as a limited company and expanded in to Florida as Homes of America Realty Group LLC., Howard Thorne is the broker of the company and fully licensed by the Florida Real Estate board being accountable under Florida state law. Professionally trained and licensed in Real Estate and qualified to work under the code and ethics of the National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) / Florida Real Estate Commission (F.R.E.C.). 

Our buyers’ ongoing success is much to do with the way in which we property manage our homes and our ability to assist owners with rentals for their home. Homes of America Management has won awards for the way that we manage our homes and homeowners feel as though they have “another member of their family in us being in Florida managing their home whilst they are so far away” (quote from current homeowner). Dedicated to ensuring that your home is sensibly managed and beautifully presented, we really help you get the most from your home whether it is a place for you to visit or a vacation home that you rent out.

Our rental department has a dual purpose. We can assist homeowners with a vacation home investment with supplemental bookings for their home and we also offer a comprehensive service to guests looking for the perfect Florida villa to rent. We can assist with long term tenants (6 month or more), short term guests (minimum stay of 4 nights and more) and also commitment style rental programs where the homeowner has a guaranteed monthly income from their investment.

We assist with truthful and accurate Florida mortgage advice; domestic for US citizens and Florida foreign national mortgages for non US citizens. Through meticulous work and reliability, we have secured exclusive deals with our US lenders ensuring that there is no bait and switch style offering of interest rates that never materialize and that we have the lowest down payment and interest rates on the market for our clients. We can assist with a FREE pre-qualification for anyone who wishes to explore, with no obligation, what money they could borrow, what their monthly repayments would look like and what their realistic budget looks like. After all, it costs nothing to get informed!

Being one of the top 5% Real Estate companies in Florida, we have earned our role as advisors to international travel companies such as Place in the Sun TV programme and Florida based tourist industries. Our breadth of knowledge and experience is called upon in the many expert seminars and published articles that we have contributed to as well as appearing on TV programmes as local experts in buying a home in Florida. Our current homeowners say that they like that Homes of America Realty stays with you through the purchase and through ownership. We work with you personally and we do not pass you on to another realtor or sell you on to another management company.

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