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USA Immigration Assistance

Obtaining a VISA to work in the USA is a long and difficult process. At Homes of America we are experienced in this field and one of our immigration attorneys will be happy to give you advice on how to succeed in your application.

Remember, mistakes are easy to make but are very hard to correct.

General information on VISA’s

We can provide you with complete immigration and investment services to help you immigrate to the US. We have an experienced team of staff to deal with all issues from the very beginning to the very end of each transaction. Each case is different and requires special guidance and attention. The foreign investor does not enter any financial obligation until the desired visa is issued by the US Immigration Services. Our experience in the field has been extensive and we can definitely help you immigrate to the US.

Our professional connections have provided immigration consultation and real estate and business brokerage services for individuals desiring to acquire a US visa since 1998. Our extensive knowledge of these matters, as well as our legal advisors, ensures an informed and expeditious process for the foreign buyer.

The decision to immigrate to the US is a major one, emotionally, culturally and financially. Our personal approach assists the buyer in making this major transition in life to proceed as smoothly as possible for the buyer and the buyer’s family. The team assistance has aided many buyers in successfully immigrating to this country and obtaining a viable business opportunity. We can make your wish to immigrate come true.

Types of VISA

The acquisition of a US business enterprise, permits qualified foreign buyers to acquire long term visas to the US. These visas consist of temporary, as well as permanent residency visas, and allow foreign persons to work and reside with their families in the United States. Here is a brief summary of the Visa types:

E-2 Visa

This is a long-term visa issued to a person who commits a substantial investment of capital in an active enterprise which is not marginal, and which the foreign person will direct and manage. The initial visa can as short as ten months and as long as five years, renewal with business growth is generally every five years for as long as you maintain a company business. An understanding of the application criteria and what the USA wants from you is essential in choosing the appropriate business opportunity. For instance, the term substantial investment is not defined by an arbitrary minimum amount of capital. Normally, it means an amount of capital sufficient to purchase an ongoing business. Your Homes of America business broker will assist you every step of the way in identifying the right business vehicle.

The E-2 Visa is available to residents of certain countries that have a treaty with the US. The list of treaty countries changes, so knowledge of the current list is important. This type of visa has been the most popular with foreign persons in the last few years.

H-1B Visa

This visa is issued to workers who are in “Specialty Occupations.” This term refers to workers who are characteristically known as professionals who are employed by US employers for a temporary period. The maximum duration of stay under this visa is 6 years.

L-1 Visa

This visa is known as the “inter-company transferee” visa. It is issued to a foreign person who has been employed abroad by a qualified company for 1 out of the last 3 years in an executive, managerial or specialized knowledge position. The person must be entering the US to work for the same company for which he or she was employed abroad.

A person who already owns a company abroad in which he or she is employed as an executive or manager can form a US company to acquire a US business enterprise and thus become eligible for this visa. The L-1 visa has a maximum duration of seven (7) years.

A principal advantage of this visa is that a US company that has been in business for one year may petition for a Permanent Residency Visa / Green Card for its executive or manager.

“Green Card” or Employment Creation Visa:EB5

Generally, this is a permanent residency visa that is issued to a foreign citizen who invests $1,000,000 in a newly created or newly organized US business enterprise that creates or protects ten (10) jobs. The required investment in some instances can be reduced to $500,000, if the investment is being made in a rural or “targeted employment” area. Having been granted an EB5 it allows you the right to immediately apply for a green card.

This visa is issued for a period of two (2) years on a conditional basis. At that time it is made permanent, providing proper documentation is submitted that the required investment has been made and that the required employment level has been met.

How much will my VISA cost

About $7,000 plus nominal fees to US government, but all cases are slightly different.

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